Project List

Project List for 100 Mitzvot

Here are other mitzvah project opportunities, other than the projects organized on specific dates. A project can be as short as a few hours. The coordinators will help you find a date and organize the details for a specific selection. Think about ways you can incorporate one of these ideas on your own or with a group. If you have any questions, contact the person listed or email hidden; JavaScript is required.
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Food (Lisa Sharfstein)

Squirrel Hill Food Pantry
Bethlehem Haven *
Meals on Wheels
Family Promise *
Family House *
Ronald McDonald House *
Jubilee Kitchen
Empty Bowls

Seniors (Beth Ungar)

Abraham’s Tent
Assisted Living Visits (Pines, Asbury Heights, Concordia, Golden Living Manor, Harbour)
Sivitz Hospice
AgeWell Rides

Education & Children (Joan Charlson)

Holocaust Center
Carnegie Library (reading)
Special Olympics
Friendship Circle
Cribs for Kids
Ronald McDonald House *
Steel City Iceberg
Disability Summit
Children’s Hospital (NICU)
Children’s Rooms in Courts

Women & Families (Lisa Sharfstein & Joan Charlson)

Bethlehem Haven *
Family Promise *
Family House *
Aleph Institute
Kits (United Way, Homeless, Overseas)

Greatest Hits (Beth Ungar)

Animal Friends
Humane Animal Rescue
Beth El (Bingo, Knitting, Office)
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