Youth group for Jewish 6-8th graders in the Conservative movement. 

Upcoming Kadima Events
Kadima Membership Form (downloads a Word doc)
Board Application

Kadima trip to Simmons Farm, Oct 2015
Kadima trip to Simmons Farm, Oct 2015

We’re very lucky to have an active chapter at Beth El, where we have 1-2 events per month

through a number of different social, religious, and social

action-based activities.  This may be your child’s first exposure to the Jewish community beyond Hebrew school; it is my goal to help the kids build relationships with their peers, meet Jewish teens like themselves, and to strongly identify with the Jewish community.

In order for your child to attend Kadima events, you must return the Membership Form and dues to the Kadima director’s mailbox in the Beth El office.

Upcoming Activities

  • Amusement park trips (e.g. Cedar Point)
  • Flight Trampoline Park
  • Cooking in the kitchen
  • Simmon’s Farm
  • Hannukah/Passover celebrations
  • Volunteering in the local community
  • Traveling to conventions in other states
  • Book Drive

… And a whole lot more!

Kadima "Backwards Buffet" January 2016
Kadima “Backwards Buffet” January 2016


Your kids will receive fliers in the mail about all of our events and those events will be posted online in Beth El’s Event Calendar as well.  Kadima also has an Executive Board that meets once every two months that helps plan events and funnel communication efforts.  If your child has any interest in getting ideas together or taking on a leadership role, he/she can complete the board application online.


Feel free to text/call/email the office with questions. Looking forward to seeing you at Kadima this year!


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