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BethElRS-BannerOur school approaches cutting edge Hebrew education in a joyful, loving way.   Our new and enhanced two-day curriculum connects our students with their faith through a focus on multi-sensory learning. All interfaith families are embraced, and special needs programming is available.

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rs_kids“I like that my children enjoy going to Beth El, whether for religious school or services, and truly feel at home there. It is helping to create a real sense of Jewish identity and a love for being part of a greater Jewish community.”





“The Hands-On Judaism program and the interaction and warm environment are the things I like most about our school.”





“What I like about the religious school is that Rabbi Amy greets the children at the door on Sunday mornings. I enjoy how Rabbi Alex teaches the kids about Jewish holidays but keeps things relevant to the children’s ages.”






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Ready to enroll for classes? Ready to benefit from our trusted staff’s instruction, making sure that your children grow up with a strong set of values, a firm foundation of knowledge, and a clear sense of community?

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Jews are diverse, yet we are tied to each other historically and religiously. In preparation for Torah Weekend, November 18-20, featuring Rabbi Gershom Sizomu, the leader of the Abayudaya Jews of Uganda, Bshul is focusing on Jewish Diversity. I am teaching students that historically Jews around the world were a migrating people.  As Jews moved about, they often married…

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