High Holy Day – Youth & Teen Services


While children and teens of all ages are welcome to join any part or all of the services in the main sanctuary, we have separate services that are geared towards the various age groups for the High Holy Days, similar to the rest of the year.

1st Day of Rosh Hashanah, Monday Oct 3:

  GAN & SHORASHIM (K – 2nd grade) Room 1 Room 1 @ 12:40 PM
  ILANOT & CHAVERIM (3-5 grades) Room 3 Main Sanctuary @ 12:50 PM
 VAV & ZAYIN & 8TH GRADE (6-8th grades) Legacy Room (room next to Sufrin Chapel) Main Sanctuary @ 12:50 PM

2nd Day of Rosh Hashanah, Tuesday Oct 4:

  GAN & SHORASHIM (K – 2nd grade) Room 1 Room 1 @ 12:40 PM
  ILANOT  (3-4 grade) Room 1 Main Sanctuary @ 12:50 PM
 CHAVERIM,VAV & ZAYIN & 8TH GRADE (5-8th grades) Room 18 Main Sanctuary @ 12:50 PM

Ilanot, Chaverim, Vav, Zayin & 8th Grade will be brought to the bimah in the Main Sanctuary for an awe-inspiring shofar blowing and treats. Please meet your child. For students in grades Gan & Shorashim: don’t miss out – please bring your child up to the bimah, after picking them up, to share in the fun!

All above age groups will have a PEANUT FREE SNACK during their programs each day. The programs will include stories, games, an age appropriate service, and shofar blowing.

Yom Kippur:

All Progams begin at 11:00 AM and conclude at 12:50 PM.


Gan & Shorashim – Room 1 (Gr. K, 1, 2)
Ilanot & Chaverim – Room 18 (Gr. 3, 4, 5)
Vav, Zayin & 8th Grade – Conference Room (Gr. 6, 7, 8)

Gan thru Chaverim (K – 5th grades) children

Children in Gan and Shorashim will be served a peanut free snack during their program. The program for all age groups includes stories, games, and age-appropriate services. The children in Gan thru Chaverim will be escorted to the Leizer Balk Ahavas Zedeck Chapel at 12:50 PM, where they have the opportunity to attend Storytelling.

Children Attending Storytelling:  may bring a dairy/pareve/peanut free lunchParents should pick up their children at 1:30 PM from Storytelling.

Children Not Attending Storytelling: should be picked up by a parent at 12:50 PM from the Leizer Balk Ahavas Zedeck Chapel.

Vav , Zayin and 8th Graders

will be directed at 12:50 PM to the Main Sanctuary to meet their parents. If you prefer to pick up your child in the Legacy Room please arrive at 12:45 PM.

Children 24 months – 5 years

On site, High Holy Day Babysitting with age appropriate High Holy Day activities is available. Registration is required in advance.


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