Passover Services/Events

2016/5776 Events/Dates/Times for Passover events

April 21, Thursday Evening:

Search for Chametz

April 22, Friday Morning:

Fast of the First born
Firstborn Breakfast (Following 7am Services)
Burning of the Chametz (Following Firstborn Breakfast)
Sale of Chametz Deadline (10 am)

April 22, Friday Evening:

Yom Tov Services (5:30 pm)
First Seder
Candle Lighting (7:49 pm)

April 23, Saturday Morning:

Pesach 1st Day
Yom Tov Services (9:00 am)

April 23, Saturday Evening:

Yom Tov Services (5:00 pm)
SHUL Seder (5:30 pm)
Candle Lighting (8:51 pm)

April 24, Sunday Morning:

Pesach 2nd Day
Yom Tov Services (9:15 am)

April 24, Sunday Evening:

Yom Tov Services (6:00 pm)
Yom Tov Ends (8:53 pm)

April 28, Thursday Evening:

Yom Tov Services (6:00 pm)
Candle Lighting (7:55 pm)

April 29, Friday Morning:

Pesach 7th Day
Yom Tov Services (9:15 am)

April 29, Friday Evening:

Yom Tov Services (6:00 pm)
Candle Lighting (7:56 pm)

April 30, Saturday Morning:

Pesach 8th Day
Yom Tov/Yizkor Services (8:45 am)

April 30, Saturday Evening:

Yom Tov Ends (9:00 pm)


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