Setting the Seder Table

Setting the Table for Passover is easier than you might imagine... with a bit of preparation ahead of time.

What You Need to Know:

The basics of what you need to have on your table for Passover are listed below.  The ingredients are more common than you may realize!  Setting up for family and friends can be daunting, especially if you have a large group of 10 or even 20! We’ve provided a few tips to make the night easier for you and your guests.


The Haggadah

  1. Have one for each person, if possible.
  2. Try to have matching Haggadah for everyone at the table.  This makes it easier for everyone to follow along, especially if you announce page numbers as you go through the services.
  3. You can set these at each place setting before your guests arrive.


The  Seder Plate

The seder plate should include the following.  Keep in mind that you want to have enough of the last four items listed so everyone can participate in the blessings. If you have a large crowd, and not enough room on your seder plate, see Large Crowd: I’m having too many people to fit everything on my Seder Plate!

  1. Hard Boiled Egg
  2. Shank Bone / Roasted Lamb bone  (chicken neck is fine for a substitute)
  3. Karpas / Greens (e.g. curled parsely, green onion, celery leaves)
  4. Manor / Bitter Herbs  – (horseradish or romain lettuce)
  5. Salt Water
  6. Charoset (usually coarsely grated apple mixed with wine/nuts/cinnamon/honey)


The Matzah Plate

Place 3 Matzahs on a plate or in a 3-layer matzah cover if you have one.


The Wine

You will need enough wine for each person to have 4 cups.  Traditionally, red wine is used during the seder.  Our Judaica shop has a large selection of kosher for Passover Wines.  See the form for selection and deadline for ordering.


Elijah’s Cup,  Holiday Candles, & Pillows

Fill the cup, set up your candles, place the matches nearby.  As for the pillows, usually a small pillow works best for reclining.  You can set a pillow on each chair ahead of time.



While they’re not necessary, you may certainly add flowers or other decore to your Passover table to make the celebration special to you and your family/friends.


Basin/Cup-Pitcher/ Towel

For ceremonial washing, you can set aside a basin, cup or pitcher, and towel. If you don’t have a basin, you can use a pot or bowl.  And if those don’t work for you, you can still use the kitchen sink.  The basin/pot/bowl have the advantage of allowing the washing of the hands to be done at the Seder table, for all to see.


The Next Step

If you’ve made it this far, congratulations!  Now you can jump to the next step… Leading The Seder.



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