Purim Orders

Every Purim, our congregation participates in assembling, sending, and delivering michloach manot boxes to family and friends, locally and across the country.

Every Beth El family receives a basket from the shul. Our tradition has been to give our members the opportunity to send a personal greeting to family and friends during Purim by underwriting boxes sent to the entire membership or members of their choosing.  Members also have the opportunity to send mischloach manot to family/friends locally and outside our area – including to those always-hungry kids away at college!  Each box is accompanied by a card with the names of the people who have wished the member a Chag Sameach.

Members who don’t wish to send Mischloach Manot greetings can still volunteer, donate funds towards this project, donate their own box and/or set their delivery/food options for the box that will be sent to them courtesy of Beth El Congregation.

Read about the various options in our Mishloach Manot!

We are no longer taking orders at this time.  If you have questions, please contact Gerald Bass.  Thank you!

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