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Food for Thought, the Beth El initiative to bring awareness and combat food insecurity in our South Hills community, is ready  to launch.  Here are dates to put on your calendar:

  • Initial committee meeting, January 10th, 10 am at Beth El:  Come and join the other great members who are also excited to make a difference in our community.  Sheryl and I will give more details about the projects that are upcoming and you will have the chance to let us know in what capacity you want to volunteer.


  • Social Action Shabbat, Jan 30: Join us for this special Shabbat service, during which Ken Regal from Just Harvest will speak. An activist and organizer in Pittsburgh for more than thirty years, Ken organized the campaign in the 1980’s which persuaded the Pittsburgh Public Schools to join the National School Breakfast Program. He has consulted for the US Department of Agriculture, served previously on the national grant making advisory committee of MAZON: A Jewish Response to Hunger, and has written and spoken on hunger and poverty issues for a wide range of audiences.


  • SNAP Challenge, Feb. 1-5:  Can you exist on the daily monetary allowance for food that is provided by the County?  From Feb 1 – Feb 5, a group of us will be participating in this SNAP challenge.  We hope to meet at a grocery store on Jan. 31st, where we will assist you with shopping lists and recipes that will help you make the best choices to make your money go far. (Rest assured, the challenge will end before the Super Bowl – Feb. 7th.)  And, if you desire, donate the money you save that week to SHIM’s food pantry.


  • Empty Bowls, South Hills Edition, Feb. 28th at Beth El:  Join us for the inaugural year of the South Hills edition of the hugely successful 20 year event, Empty Bowls.  For a minimal donation, you can dine on chairperson Margie Stang’s delicious soup and bread.  And, attendees will get to take home a pottery soup bowl that has been painted by a South Hills resident.  All the proceeds will go to the Greater Pittsburgh Food Bank.

If you have any questions or want to be added to the committee e-mail list, please let me or Sheryl Cohen know.

Stacey Reibach


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