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Ways You Can Help at Beth El:


There are many ways you can help with Beth El’s biggest fundraiser : sitting, standing, selling, counting, and even stuffing envelopes.   Join the fun on Tuesday evenings!
Contact person: Jay Feuer, Debbie Goldberg

Daily Minyan

Help make a minyan with this caring group that meets daily at 7am and 6pm.  Be a regular, come when you can, or be on our ‘short notice’ list.  Our new app, Minyan Maker, makes it even easier!
Contact person: Rabbi Alex

Gift Shop

Help keep the gift shop open and receive a 20% discount during your shift!  Hours are Sundays and Wednesdays during religious school and before events.
Contact person: Beth Pomerantz

House and Grounds

Join a group committed to improving Beth El’s appearance inside and out!

Office Help

Can we call you when we need help stuffing envelopes, answering phones or doors, or helping with other office tasks?
Contact person:  Leslie Gura, Chris Benton

Mishloach manot – Purim boxes

There are many ways to help with this longstanding tradition:  collating order forms, assembling boxes, delivering boxes to the happy recipients, to name a few!
Contact person: Thelma or Andy Herlich

Mitzvah card writer

Do you have 30 minutes to an hour once a month?   Help Beth El send monthly notes to those who are bereft, shut in, or ill, to let them know Beth El is here. Supplies and even text (if needed) are provided!
Contact person: Beth Pomerantz, Rabbi Alex

Shiva assistance

Help us surround our friends in mourning with love, prayer and sustenance. Cheryl Kirshner and her volunteers set up food for morning and evening shiva minyan; truly a labor of love.
Contact person: Cheryl Kirshner

Ways You Can Help in the Community:

Assemble blessing bags for homeless

Help the homeless by assembling bags filled with items such as socks, toiletries, and non-perishable food. The bags will go to local shelters or volunteers can give them directly to the homeless.
Contact person: Steph HarrisMike Harris

Charity Knit and Crochet

This Sisterhood activity provides baby blankets, chemo caps, lap robes, scarves, hats, etc. to various organizations. Don’t know how to knit or crochet? Learn at Beth El on the first Sunday of the month at 10 a.m.
Contact person: Debbie Goldberg

Community Partners

SHIM, Ronald McDonald House, Squirrel Hill Food Pantry, Harbour Senior Living and South Hills Pet Rescue have all need volunteers. Which of these worthy causes speaks to you?

Additional social action activities in the community. Some are open to individuals and others for small groups. Simply select the one that may interest you and we will follow up with the organizations directly to book a date for your activity.

Contact person: Nicole Mezare

Packing weekend food for children at risk of food insecurity

Many children in food insecure homes count on school lunches for sustenance but what happens on the weekends? Help Rabbi Amy create food packs for these children so they can reach their full potential!
Contact person: Rabbi Amy

Steps for Tzedakah

Get fit and give a little to Tzedakah at the same time.  All proceeds go toward food insecurity initiatives.
Contact person: Nicole Mezare

Do you have any friends who might benefit by being part of Beth El? 

Do you have friends seeking community, might enjoy our many programs, are looking to learn more about Judaism or important topics in the world today, or are looking for an alternative Jewish spiritual practice?  Invite them to join us!
Contact person: Judi Kline, Chris Benton

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