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What a year it has been! We made it for a year, and now we hope to have new customers discover (or rediscover) us!

Right now, we are in the throes of rearranging and restocking in preparation for a second year at the Judaica Shop. Stock is strewn about haphazardly—my fault!–but I am confident that those fabulous women who give their time to the shop will make everything beautiful before our opening sale.  They are the true heroes.

Before . . .
Before . . .


I left today after meeting a new customer who needed a Kiddush cup for his son’s wedding. The couple were leaving for New England Sunday morning. The gentleman who came to make the purchase was kind enough to overlook the temporary chaos, and he left with a wrapped gift.  He seemed very pleased with the items he perused as he waited for me to wrap his gift.

There had been a brief phone discussion about the husband coming in rather than the wife, and that she did not trust his taste. She charged me with making sure her husband left with a beautiful cup for the son’s wedding. Only as I was taping the wrapping paper did I remember the comment and realized that this gentleman’s wife would not see the cup we chose.  He smiled coyly, saying, “That’s trust.”  I hope I hear a happy end of that story.

We have new products coming in, ordered with an eye for a variety of simchas.  Customers will find specialty glassware, personalized handcrafted wooden keepsake boxes and picture frames, charm bracelets that customers can create themselves, new and different mezuzot and dreidels, candlesticks, Kiddush cups, jewelry, and tallitot.

A mezuzah for every room of the house is now a very affordable option.  Collectors of Judaica have choices of dreidels, menorot, and seder plates—all beautiful and useful pieces worthy of year-round display.

We carry kosher wines for every palate, and a pretty fair stock at that. A rack for white wines and another for reds!  Not bad for a small store. Come in for a new and different bottle or pick up your favorite go-to variety.  And we will wrap the wine if you need a bottle for a friend.

and After . . .
and After . . .

Come in, browse, and perhaps indulge yourself with a silk scarf, new earrings, a new challah board or some candlesticks. Or buy the perfect gift for a friend or relative that we never buy for ourselves but love giving to others. And we’ll wrap it! Double bonus—no tax to pay and the proceeds go to shul projects and youth activities.  Everyone wins.  So, come on in!

Fall 2016 Hours:

Hours are planned around Religious school.
Sundays 9:15 AM – 12:15 PM (fifteen minutes before kids are in class and before they are released)

Wednesdays 4:15 PM –  6:15 PM same idea as above.

First Mondays (or Thursday as the case may be) 1:15 PM – 3:00 PM.

Other times by appointment. Call Fran Landay or the office to arrange a time.


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