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Where Judaism is expressed through community, joy and love

We promise that we will give your children our all!   Our love, our passion, our devotion to Judaism – and a whole lot of joy and community!  During the 2020-21 school year, despite the recent pandemic, our program flourished and became even stronger.  For the 2021-22 school year, we are taking the best from our past programs, combining it with all that we learned this past year, and creating an  absolutely superb program for our students with three main components:

  1. Sunday Classes: We are excited to meet in person on Sundays from 9:30 to noon.  During our time together, we create community in a supportive learning environment.  We utilize different approaches to teaching, such as music, movement, and art as we seek to meet the different learning styles of our children.  We enthusiastically welcome all to our wonderful community as we strive to instill a love for Judaism in our children.
  2. Weekly Tutoring: One-on-one Hebrew tutoring occurs weekly for each student in kindergarten through 7th  In this amazingly effective method of teaching, each child will have a weekday Zoom session with their teacher or Hebrew tutor where multiple materials are used to teach Hebrew and prayers.
  3. Monthly Community Events: These events are a crucial part of our program as they include community building activities, improving service skills, experiencing holidays, and much more.  These events can be found on the school calendar.  The community events are organized in three categories:
  • Programs for Toot through 3rd Grade
  • Programs for 4th through 7th Grade
  • Whole school programs

Embracing and Treasuring All

We proudly welcome school-age children of families from the entire spectrum of our Jewish community: people of all races and abilities; interfaith families; people who are single and partnered; people who are straight, lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer.

Additionally, we are unique in the services and attention we provide for children with special needs.  We work with our families and students to craft the best possible learning environment.  When beneficial, we are able to provide one-on-one assistance in the classroom.  Please never hesitate to join us- we want you!

We will follow CDC guidelines indicated for schools for all parts of our program.

Register For Religious School

  1. Baby Playtime (Ages Birth-1 and Me!)
  2. Tiny Torahs (Ages 1-3 and Me!)
  3. Online Registration for Religious School (PreK – 7th grades)
  4. Medical Form (you only need to complete the Medical Form if you have indicated on your registration form that your child has a serious medical condition, asthma, or allergies)
  5. Madrichim Program (8-12 Graders… Get Paid or Receive Volunteer Hours)


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“I like that my children enjoy going to Beth El, whether for religious school or services, and truly feel at home there. It is helping to create a real sense of Jewish identity and a love for being part of a greater Jewish community.”

“The Hands-On Judaism program and the interaction and warm environment are the things I like most about our school.”



“What I like about the religious school is that Rabbi Amy greets the children at the door on Sunday mornings. I enjoy how Rabbi Alex teaches the kids about Jewish holidays but keeps things relevant to the children’s ages.”






Join the School

Ready to enroll for classes? Ready to benefit from our trusted staff’s instruction, making sure that your children grow up with a strong set of values, a firm foundation of knowledge, and a clear sense of community?

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