MITZVOT: Deeds of Loving Kindness

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On April 30th,  Morah Mollie Neuman and I led the Shorashim class and their families in a hands-on educational program about “Mitzvot” or Deeds of loving Kindness.

We partnered with the Dream Center of Monroeville whose mission is to directly impact the issues that afflict Pittsburgh communities by reconnecting people to God and a community of support by providing free human services that address immediate and long-term needs in the area of hunger, poverty, homelessness, education, and human trafficking.

During Religious School, parents sliced salami, set up an assembly line, bagged carrots, and helped the kids to make one hundred and twenty salami sandwiches!  Special shout out to Chick-fil-A (1620 Washington Road) for donating condiments.  Students raced thru the assembly line  to pack up sixty bagged meals for the homeless. Each brown bag contained a sani-nap, two sammys, carrots, banana, chips and cookies. Families brought  gently used blankets and/or coats to be donated along with the food.   Together we said the blessing for doing deeds of Tzedakah/Justice.  Our wonderful maintenance crew Bill and Dorian, loaded my car and I met up with Pastor Dan to hand off our donations.  Each week, Pastor Dan, retired Western Region Deputy Secretary with the Pennsylvania Department of Corrections, leads his team through the streets of downtown Pittsburgh handing out food, blankets and warm coats to the homeless.

I am incredibly pleased that Beth El’s “hands on Judaism program” allocated budget money and classroom time for this very special learning opportunity.   If you’d like to donate to this or other Religious School programs, please contact Rabbi Amy at 412-561-1168.


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