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The mitzvah of sending greetings and giving Mishloach Manot snacks and gifts to your friends and relatives is a wonderful Jewish tradition to celebrate the Purim holiday. As in previous years, Beth El would like to help you perform this mitzvah by offering the service of making and delivering Mishloach Manot to your friends at Beth El, as well as to others you would like to include. This is how the program works:

Beth El will deliver one box containing snacks and gifts to every name on the list. Even if you do nothing, each member will receive Mishloach Manot from Beth El. Attached to each box will be a greeting card listing the names of the people who made a donation in the member’s honor. Volunteers from Beth El will assemble the Mishloach Manot and deliver them to everyone’s home in time for Purim.

If you would like your name to appear on the greeting card of someone’s Mishloach Manot, simply check off his or her name. Count the number of names you checked off, and write the total on the Order Form. There is a small fee of $5 for each name. If you would like your name to appear on the greeting card of every name on the list, simply check the appropriate box. There is a significant discount available for choosing this option. We take care of the rest!

Order cutoff date is Friday, January 26, 2018

Options on this year’s Order Form:

  • Reserving Extra Boxes – In response to requests from Beth El members, a limited number of extra boxes will be available for members to purchase to distribute to family or friends. Extra boxes will be part of the member’s normal delivery.
  • Reciprocation – If you are concerned that someone might select your name for a box, but you did not include him or her when you selected your names, simply check the “Reciprocal” box on the Order Form. If this box is checked, then your name will appear on that member’s greeting card as well. You will be billed for these boxes at a later date, not to exceed the amount you would have been billed if you had opted originally to send Mishloach Manot to every Beth El member.
  • College Students, Family Members, and Friends – If you would like to order Mishloach Manot for others not on the enclosed list you will receive in the mail, simply submit their name(s) and address(es), and we will send them Mishloach Manot. There is the same additional fee for these boxes to cover the cost of the Mishloach Manot plus an added charge for shipping.  Simply add this total in the appropriate space on the Order Form. Please check addresses to ensure accuracy of delivery.
  • Donations To the Needy – In keeping with the tradition of giving tzedakah on Purim, Beth El will donate a number of Mishloach Manot to the needy. Please consider donating your Mishloach Manot to the needy or donating an additional amount of money to Beth El to help underwrite the cost of this project.
  • Fruit Mishloach Manot – Beth El is offering a Fruit Only Mishloach Manot gift box (no Hamantachen) as part of the normal delivery to Beth El members instead of the traditional gift box.
  • Volunteer OpportunitiesIf you can help assemble Purim boxes on Sunday, March 5, please contact the Beth El office or Gerry Bass  or email hidden; JavaScript is required .


By participating in this project, you will be fulfilling a mitzvah, remembering friends and family, and supporting our congregation. Please call the Beth El office (412-561-1168), email hidden; JavaScript is required or call Gerry Bass (412-831-3395) if you have any questions. Thanks so much for your participation in this project. Beth El thanks you, as will your family and friends when they receive Mishloach Manot and greetings from you.


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