Volunteers are unpaid--not because they are worthless, but because they are priceless.

As with most synagogues, there are numerous ways you can contribute your time to Beth El. What makes volunteering unique with us, however, is the experience you have with others. Our members are the most welcoming crowd in Pittsburgh. When you give your time to Beth El, you walk away feeling proud and satisfied, having made connections with people that could last a lifetime.

2015_Mens_club_SukkotVolunteering can give you experience and skills that will assist you in business and in life. It can relieve stress and boredom and assist you in leading a more active and healthier lifestyle. At Beth El, we welcome any type of volunteer no matter the age, interest or experience and have numerous opportunities ranging from our fundraising events, Men’s Club and Sisterhood programming to reading Torah, setting up a Sukkah or simply helping in the office.

Our volunteers play a critical role in serving not just our membership but also our community. We value them and realize that if it weren’t for our volunteers, Beth El would not be able to offer 90 percent of our programs, services and events for our members and our community.

Interested in volunteering?

Beth El projects

We have a large number of social action opportunities at Beth El for all ages, from youth to adults.

  • Interested in leading a richer, more satisfying life? Contact Beth El’s Executive Director, Chris Benton, and she will assist you in finding the opportunity that suits your needs. At Beth El, you meet the nicest people.
  • Help Beth El with our biggest fund raiser. Join our community of Bingo volunteers!


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