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Our kids have been busy participating in many fun programs and events!

On February 4, our Chaverim students participated in the annual World Wide Wrap. Synagogues from all over the world take part in this one-time-a-year-event, held on Super Bowl Sunday. Rabbi Alex taught students and parents how to put on tefillin, and students had the opportunity to design their own tefillin as part of the Build-a-Pair program.

In early February, “Evan’s Team” got together for the first time. Evan’s Team is the third group organized to build strong social bonds while supporting one of our students through the B’nai Mitzvah process. Rabbi Amy, Nancy Langer, and a sports staff team member worked together to design a program focused on socializing and preparing Evan for his Bar Mitzvah while doing things he loves, such as sports and drawing. The first get together went really well—all the kids had a great time and are looking forward to the next session in March. (Read more about Evan’s Team here)

The Chaverim class has been studying Jewish life cycle events. In January, Rabbi Amy and Morah Nash, with help from parent volunteers, took the class on a field trip to Ralph Schugar Funeral Chapel, where owner and president Sharon Brody and director of aftercare services Judy McGuire taught the students about this difficult but important part of the Jewish life cycle. The students found the experience to be extremely worthwhile—they said that learning about funerals in an actual funeral home was more meaningful than it would have been sitting in the classroom. Sharon and Judy explained the subject in a way that made the kids feel comfortable, and they all shared pizza before heading home.

At Spiegel Religious School, we celebrate Judaism through community, joy, and love!

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