Stronger Together

Dear Friends,
            We at Beth El are shaken by the horrific events of last Shabbat. Our hearts go out to the families and friends of those who were attacked. We write to assure our congregation that Beth El is stronger than hate, will bond as a community, and will get through these dark times together.
            Our task is to make our members feel at home, while recognizing the real world in which we live. Please know that the safety and security of those who visit our building is of paramount importance to us. Beginning this week, you will see increased security measures in place at Beth El. We are working closely with the Jewish Federation, United Synagogue for Conservative Judaism and other synagogues around the country, to determine and implement appropriate measures, which assure security in our building, while allowing us to remain the open and welcoming community that we are.
            As we mourn the loss of the eleven holy souls so senselessly taken from us less than a week ago, we invite you to join us for Shabbat morning services at Beth El. Together with all other synagogues in Pittsburgh, we will thank God for life and the blessing of loved ones and memory.  We will be joined by a therapeutic clown from Israel who will help our children process. May those of us in Pittsburgh, and all who mourn with us find strength and comfort as we join together in community. Our members should feel free to invite our friends of any faith to join us at services. We will bond as a community, and seek the kind of healing that only a village can provide.
Rabbi Alex Greenbaum    •   Associate Rabbi Amy Greenbaum   •   President Warren Sufrin  •  Executive Director Chris Benton


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