All you need to know to connect and participate in Beth El services and events using Zoom

Full List of Events Using Zoom (public events only)

Need a Prayer Book?

If you need a prayer book (Weekday Red and/or Shabbat Blue), a Red Etz Hayim Chumash, a Tallis, Tefillin, Bible/Talmud for Wednesdays, or know someone who needs a computer to be able to Zoom, let us know, we’ll deliver it to you “contactlessly.”

Need Free Internet?

Comcast is even offering FREE internet!
You may download free excerpts of our services from our Rabbinical Assembly siddurim HERE.

How do I join a Zoom Meeting? CLICK HERE

All Morning, Evening, & Shabbat (Fri & Sat) ServicesHave Their Own (Same) Zoom Address. You can bookmark those ZOOM addresses and re-use them for the next day’s service.

Not all Calendar Events have Zoom Links because:

  • An activity may not require the zoom link
  • The activity may be private/confidential (e.g. board meetings or Religious School). For those events, members will receive their zoom links via email

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